Sample Letter to Town/City Treasurer

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Greetings ____________  — Town of _________ Treasurer,


I am a volunteer with the “Divest VT” campaign, a group of individuals and organizations encouraging individuals, businesses and municipalities to move as much money out of fossil fuel investments as we can. We are doing this to support the indigenous people of Standing Rock – and for the protection of water and earth everywhere.
One of our current projects is to contact town Treasurers and request that if they are using TD Bank, that they consider shifting to a credit union or local bank less invested in fossil fuels.


As you may know, we have a pipeline being built in our own Green Mountain state of Vermont. It’s carrying fracked gas from Canada.  Although we may not be able to stop it, we can  make it more difficult for another to be built and demonstrate our commitment to the natural resources that make Vermont such a special place to live.


We are keeping track of businesses, organizations and governments in ________ that do not have funds invested in TD Bank or other large fossil fuel invested banks. Please let me know if the Town of ________ is one of them.  And, if not, would you be willing to commit to using a different bank?


Here is a rich resource that you might find helpful:


Thank you for your consideration!

Your Name